Improved Surface Finish

A superfinished component can have a smoother and more polished surface finish, which can reduce friction and wear, and enhance the component's performance.

Increased Durability and Lifespan

By removing surface defects and improving surface quality, superfinishing can extend the lifespan of a component and reduce the need for costly repairs and replacements.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Superfinished components typically require less maintenance and repair, which can save time and money in the long run.

What is

Super Finishing?

Isotropic Super finishing is a surface treatment process used to improve the surface quality and enhance component performance capabilities. This process involves using a specialized vibratory machinery and dedicated consumables to remove any surface imperfections or irregularities that may be present. By achieving a mirror-like surface finish with a low surface roughness, super finishing can reduce friction and wear, improve performance and efficiency, and extend the lifespan of the component.

Where is this

Treatment used?

The process of superfinishing is used in applications such as motorsport, wind turbine transmissions, off-road motocross, and any area where it is desirable to reduce friction and heat, and increase efficiency and service life. HPSF has developed specialised chemicals and processes over the past decade in order to offer this service in Australia.

Step 1.

The parts are clamped onto the holder

Step 2.

The holder is introduced into the machine

Step 3.

The program is selected

Step 4.

Average of 50-60 minutes per cycle

Must have technology

Unmatched surface quality to improve performance and operation


Should I super-finish my components?

ISF is a process that changes the way traditional machining operations such as fine grinding and lapping leave metal components. The latter processes render the surface as a series of parallel or unidirectional machining lines of micro peaks and valleys that causes lubricating oils to lay in the “valleys” leaving the higher “peaks” to come into friction contact with mating parts. The subsequent high friction, wear factors and loss of power output are obvious from this circumstance and highlight the importance of treating internals through isotropic super-finishing.
Super finishing provides several benefits, including increased part longevity, reduced friction and wear, improved performance and efficiency, and enhanced appearance.
Our Super finishing Process can be applied to various materials however we predominately treat mild steel. Materials such as stainless, titanium, and aluminium can also be processed with the right chemistry selection.
During our standard 8 hour cycle time we remove around 10-12 microns from the initial surface.
Our normal turn around time on isotropic super-finishing services is one working week however this can sometimes vary due to work load.
Super finishing can achieve surface finishes as low as 2 Ra (roughness average) and as high as 0.1 Ra, depending on the process and equipment used. We will work with you to determine the appropriate level of finish for your application.

Frequently Asked

Our surface finishing services are designed to provide superior surface quality and precision for a wide range of components and parts. We utilize advanced equipment and techniques to achieve the highest level of surface finish, and cosmetic appearance.

Benefits of

Super Finishing


Reduce Contact and Bending Fatigue

Lower Operating

Reduce Vibration and Noise


Increase Part

Reduce Lubrication Requirements and Cost

Increase Fuel

Extend Mean Time Between Maintenance

Areas of





Off Road

Wind Turbine

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