Looking to set up your own business or want to improve the overall finish on your production pieces? HPSF can provide the right equipment for you through it’s parent company BV Products. See our equipment below dedicated to automotive wheel finishing and isotropic super-finishing treatment.

WF Series

Specialized centreless vibratory finishing machine dedicated to ceramic polishing on automotive wheels. Heavy duty steel fabrication lined with highly wear resistant, hot cured polyurethane nominally 25 mm in thickness. Specially designed, heavy duty vibratory motors with a maximum speed of 3000 rpm and infinitely adjustable amplitude.


The machine is a steel fabricated and polyurethane lined construction with all process contact parts manufactured for 316 stainless steel to withstand the chemistry required from the isotropic superfinishing process. The machine is supplied complete with all major fixtures and fittings as parts are generally mounted between rotating centres to ensure uniformity of finish and maximum protection

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Our investment in specially built machines means that we are able to provide very effective turn around times on parts of all types.