Improved Surface Appearance

Unmatched surface quality and appearance is achieved through ceramic wheel polishing. All imperfections, machining lines, and most casting marks are removed to produce a high mirror finish.

Stress Relief

Vibratory finishing not only improves surface quality and appearance but acts as a stress reliver for automotive wheels

Heat Reflection

Highly reflective finishes achieved from ceramic wheel polishing act as a heat barrier which reflects heat rather than absorbing it.


Wheel Polishing

HPSF’s vibratory wheel finishing is a process that works on a chemical-mechanical basis to finish surfaces. In the work chamber of a vibratory finishing machine, the wheel, media, water, and compound are put into motion by a vibratory drive system. This causes a constant relative movement of the media and the wheel. The interaction of water, compound, media and machine produces the required surface finish. HPSF & parent company BV Products, are the southern hemisphere leader in surface finishing technologies offering a complete package for high gloss polishing of wheels. This compact wheel finishing system is ideally suited for surface grinding, smoothing and polishing small batches of high-value automotive wheels with a diameter of up to 22″. Ease of operation and quick media change capabilities help produce a repeatable mirror finish in just a few hours

What steps are


At the start of the finishing process, the wheel or work piece is bolted into the vibratory processing bowl. This secure connection ensures that the processing media reaches the smallest cavities in the work pieces without lodgement. Furthermore, it facilitates an intensive “rubbing” action between media and work piece resulting in a highly-effective processing and achievement rate.

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Should I use Ceramic Wheel Polishing?

Ceramic Polishing is a multi-step surface finishing process that produces the highest quality polished wheel finish possible on the market. The process produces a uniform highly reflective mirror polish unmatched by traditional hand polishing techniques. With an extensive investment in equipment and consumables, HPSF can provide not only outstanding results but also short turn around times so you aren’t left waiting for months.
Depending on the wheel size and manufactured method, ceramic wheel polishing services can vary from $250-$350 per wheel.
Each wheel needs to be in it's "raw" state. All coatings such as powder coat or paint need to be thoroughly removed through chemical stripping prior to treatment.
After processing we highly recommend a protective coating such as clear coat powder coat or ceramic coat to ensure longevity in appearance.
The time required for wheel polishing can vary depending on quantity and manufacturing method. For small jobs, 1-4, our normal lead time is around one working week. No longer than two.
Our services include processing of steel and all alloy wheels such as forged, cast, and flow form. Our extensive machinery options allow us to offer ceramic polished surfaces on all wheels including 1 piece, 2 piece, and 3 piece.

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Our surface finishing services are designed to provide superior surface quality and precision for a wide range of components and parts. We utilize advanced equipment and techniques to achieve the highest level of surface finish, and cosmetic appearance.

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Our investment in specially built machines means that we are able to provide very effective turn around times on parts of all types.