As the southern hemisphere’s market leader in the field of vibratory finishing, we have an almost unlimited selection of different surface finishing machines and technologies for isotropic super-finishing and automotive wheel polishing. With our extensive range of equipment and consumables we can offer surface improvement solutions on a vast scope of parts including planetary gears, alloy wheels, transmission gearboxes, and engine components such as crankshafts.

Super Finishing

Isotropic Super finishing is a surface treatment process used to improve the surface quality and enhance component performance capabilities. This process involves using a specialized vibratory machinery and dedicated consumables to remove any surface imperfections or irregularities that may be present. By achieving a mirror-like surface finish with a low surface roughness, super finishing can reduce friction and wear, improve performance and efficiency, and extend the lifespan of the component.

Wheel Polishing

HPSF’s vibratory wheel finishing is a process that works on a chemical-mechanical basis to finish surfaces. In the work chamber of a vibratory finishing machine, the wheel, media, water, and compound are put into motion by a vibratory drive system. This causes a constant relative movement of the media and the wheel. The interaction of water, compound, media and machine produces the required surface finish. HPSF & parent company BV Products, are the southern hemisphere leader in surface finishing technologies offering a complete package for high gloss polishing of wheels. This compact wheel finishing system is ideally suited for surface grinding, smoothing and polishing small batches of high-value automotive wheels with a diameter of up to 22″. Ease of operation and quick media change capabilities help produce a repeatable mirror finish in just a few hours

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Our investment in specially built machines means that we are able to provide very effective turn around times on parts of all types.